Investment strategy

We look to invest in companies led by visionary management, with a proven track record and an unquestionable reputation. We prefer to invest in export oriented companies with a niche position in the regional or global markets or companies with a leadership position in the domestic market.
We have a generalist approach and prefer sectors with high growth or consolidation potential and clear exit opportunities. Due to our mandate, we only invest via capital increases aimed at supporting the next phase of growth of our investee companies. Our mandate prevents us from investing in primary agriculture, fishery, and forestry as well as financial institutions and real estate.

Investment process

Our investment process is relatively simple. If you would like to discuss an opportunity, the best way is to call us or send us an email. Our investment process has the following steps:


Value added

We truly enjoy working with outstanding entrepreneurs in helping them achieve their growth plans. We take the role of constructive board members and also support them with certain operational matters, if needed. Our combined entrepreneurial, financial management, audit, investment banking, and consulting experience in Bulgaria and abroad is sometimes the primary reason, even more important than the capital we bring, why entrepreneurs partner with us.

Optimal Capital

Exit Readiness

Corporate Governance

Financial Management

Recruitment Network

Industry Contacts

Strategic Direction

Sounding Board